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Get Your Rental Property Winter Ready

7 Tips To Get Your Property Winter Ready

Winter. It sneaks up on us every year, unleashing cold, harsh temperatures and all manner of seasonal storms. As a landlord, it’s important to get your rental home ready for winter before the temperature starts to plummet. Don’t get caught unprepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us this year – get a head start on winterizing your property by following 7 easy tips this fall:


Drain Yard Sprinklers: Now’s the time to not only cut off the water source into your sprinklers, but to also empty out any leftover water that may be trapped inside the system to ensure it doesn’t freeze and burst as the temperatures drop.


Tend to Other Outside Water Sources: Beyond your sprinkler systems, you also need to consider other pipes and water sources. Detach all garden hoses from nozzles and drain the lines to eliminate any resting water. Additionally, you should wrap any exposed, un-insulated pipes and spigots as well to help prevent them from bursting and causing potential water damage to the property.


Prune: Cold winter weather can weaken branches and limbs, causing extensive breakage. Trimming your shrubs, trees, and bushes now can help prevent seasonal damage and get them ready to thrive again in the spring.


Roof and Gutter Maintenance: Winter weather can wreak havoc on your property’s roof and gutters – are they ready for the weather that lies ahead? Contact your property management team to ensure they schedule the maintenance needed to keep your roof and gutters working as they should.


Perform Alarm Check: Functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are critical to renter safety. Perform a check on all of your alarms to guarantee proper functioning (and make a note to check them again in the spring!).


Test Heating System: No renter wants to turn on the heat for the first time in the season…only to realize it’s actually not working. Test your heater now. While you’re at it, you may also want to have your fireplaces and furnaces tuned up. Remember to change your furnace filters every 2-3 months and leave your heat at 55 degrees if you go on vacation to prevent an entire home freeze during your absence.


Purchase De-Icing Agent: Frost is definitely a factor to consider with your rental. Slippery decks, porches, and walkways can not only be a nuisance…they can be a hazard. Have a good de-icing agent on hand so you can proactively mitigate frost around your property.


Double Z Property Management offers a comprehensive range of property maintenance services to keep your rental ready for whatever winter has in store. Contact our team today to hear more.

Posted by: doublez on October 6, 2017
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