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Get A Head Start On Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally on the way. The longer daylight hours and warmer weather of the season get people everywhere excited to refresh their living spaces, both inside and out. This year, start your spring-cleaning regime outside (at this point we all could use a little Vitamin D boost, right?). There are many tasks you can check off the to-do list as soon as the snow melts for a spring clean up that instantly increases your property’s curb appeal and preps your home for the upcoming growing season.

Eliminate Unwanted Moss
Springtime in Washington brings forth LOTS of moss on concrete surfaces and grass. If those areas are also in a shady spot on your property, moss is likely to form. When left untreated, moss on patios, driveways, or other concrete areas can become slippery. Additionally, if left too long, unwanted moss could also damage the bricks or concrete. To remove it without using chemicals, use an edger shovel to scrape it off followed by a scrub brush for any small, harder to access areas. Has moss also taken over your lawn? Fertilization can help. First, have your soil tested to determine lacking nutrients and current pH factor. Purchase the proper fertilizer blend to nourish roots, balance the soil, and prevent further moss growth.

Pruning Hedges/Bushes/Smaller Trees
Depending on the types of trees and shrubs in your yard, spring can often be a good time to prune. Be sure, however, you’re not pruning anything with new buds already waiting to bloom. For example, azaleas cannot be pruned in the spring and instead must be pruned after the flowers fall off in late summer/early fall. Shrubs/hedges such as Laurel Hedges, however, can be pruned in the spring without an issue. Prune everything that has begun to touch the home or fences to prevent damage to these surfaces. If you’re not sure what to prune in the spring, contact your local nursery or home store for help.

Tidy And Weed Flowerbeds
Spring provides the perfect opportunity to tidy up flowerbeds before your blossoms start thriving. Eliminate branches, sticks, and debris from the garden and pull some of the smaller weeds. You can also apply a weed growth inhibitor. White vinegar serves as simple, natural, and inexpensive weed eliminator. Fill a spray bottle and spritz on unwanted growth during a bright day to damage a weed’s protective outer layer. They will wither in the sun, making them easy to remove. Doing the work now helps keep your garden beds looking great all year long without trying to work in and around growing weeds later.

Plant New Seeds
Many flowers and vegetables can be planted in early spring. Again, your local garden center or agricultural extension can help you find the ones best for your yard. After you’ve tidied and weeded the beds, plant some new seeds; it’s a great way tor a fresh burst of color to your property once the season is in full swing.

Spring is a great time to check your roof and gutters for any deferred maintenance. Let us know if your roof/gutters need cleaning.

Happy Spring From Double Z Property Management

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Posted by: doublez on March 21, 2018
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