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“Double Z managed my rental property for over 10 years and I appreciate their service. They kept in contact with me when there was a maintenance problem that needed repairing or when a tenant gave notice to vacate. Maintenance was fast and efficient. I appreciate that I didn’t have to find a tenant on my own because of my busy schedule. It put my mind at ease knowing that Double Z was there. After many years I recently sold the property. Double Z worked with my realtor with no problems and everything went smoothly. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

September 2017 – Gwen Bolar

“Double Z has been managing my property for seven years, and as a landlord I believe they are top notch. They answer my emails, communicate with my insurers, and are prompt with required work on the house. There have been two tenants during this period, and neither has complained to me about service. I like that Double Z doesn’t seem to mind if I talk directly to the tenants; a past property manager discouraged this.

Sometimes I think that tenants assume a landlord by definition is always some wealthy person, a scrooge with little concern about tenants. Truth be told, most of us landlords are working people who have spent a lifetime building up equity in a house. We don’t want our investment hurt by the wrong tenant. The income from my rental house is an important part of my retirement income. It’s for these reasons that I appreciate the efforts of Double Z, and why I provide my high rating.”

Dec 30, 2016 – Lawrence Hess

“Double Z Inc has managed my property since 2009. Prior to that I tried to manage it on my own and learned the lesson the hard way: Let professionals deal with the headaches. Double Z has a system in place whereby they handle everything. All I have to do now is check my bank account each month to verify funds are deposited, and even then Double Z emails me an electronic statement. Double Z handles the advertising of your property, the rental application process, collecting rent, depositing funds to property owners, they are familiar with landlord/tenant laws, and, most importantly, they have existing relationships with quality vendors in the event your property needs repair work of any kind. They’ve always found me good renters when my property became vacant, and I know they are trustworthy and professional.”

Nov 8, 2016 – Carlton Jones

“I have read the other reviews and it appears that there is something the reviewers would complain about due to the fact that they can’t qualify to rent. My wife an I have used Double Z to manage our property since 2002. That is 14 years of excellent management in our views. Our home was only 5 years old when we signed with Double Z. The previous management company allowed over $6500 of damage on a brand new home. Since Double Z has managed our property it has been rented virtually every month with a vacancy for 6 months while we attempted to sell it. So as a home owner I say yes they scrutinize renters as they should and deny those that don’t and shouldn’t rent our home. We will continue to utilize Double Z management company as long as we own this property.”

Aug 20, 2016 – Patrick Damone

“Professional. Great to work with. Never had any problems. I recommend to them everyone that I meet.”

Jul 20, 2016 – Timothy Hoyle

“Double Z has been managing my property for over 8 years. They are quick to response to all my needs and quick to handle all the questions I have. I am quite pleased with the service I receive. Rental properties are not easy to deal with but luckily I found Double Z.”

Apr 24, 2016 – Terry Eto

“Double Z management has been very satisfactory for me, as they screened & placed a long range tenant that has been trouble free.”

Jun 21, 2015 – Ron Montogomery

“I moved into my rental home April 2011, we are moving out June 2012, but only because we are PCS-ing. My husband and I have had no problems with Double Z. Whenever we have a work order that needs to be done, they call and set up an appointment with you and are always on time. Whenever I talk to the receptionist she is always nice, and whenever we go in we get nothing but wonderful customer service. The only complaint I would have was when we moved in the house wasn’t completely to my standard of cleanliness for a new home, but that is only because I have personally worked in apartment managing and know what to find. Other than that this home has been wonderful and Double Z has been more than helpful to any of our needs. I would definitely rent again from them, and recommend others to do so as well!”

Mar 18, 2013 – A Google User

“I have had Double Z managing my property now since 2008 and have been satisfied with all of their services. The constantly repair small items for next to no cost with their own maintenance people. I also live in Germany, so I never have the chance of meeting anyone face-to-face or seeing the property in person, however when I ask the office to provide pics they do it in a very reasonable time and whenever I want special requested quotes (like for painting the outside of my house a new color) they are very attentative and prompt.

I believe that the upkeep of a house is one you have to be practical with and prepared to do… and that’s exactly what Double Z does!

Stating that Double Z makes outrageous charges on the property owner’s invoices is completely NOT!!! something I’ve experienced in the past 5 yrs with working with them.”

Brittany R

“I have a property in Spanaway, and Double Z hasn’t done anything to upset me. We weren’t happy with all of the inital set up fees, but they hold the tenants to their lease and make them accountable for their damages and responsibilities. We have always been informed of any issues, and we get resolutions to problems quickly. We are signing on with them for our second and third property, and are confident that they will take care of us as well as our tenants. If we didn’t think that they were taking care of our tenants, then we wouldn’t use them again.”

A Google User

Helen and I wish to express a heartfelt thanks to you and your hardworking staff. Since our association with Double Z began, you have demonstrated a consistent professionalism in dealing with your customers, which included ourselves. In particular, you have put in the extra effort when our properties experienced crisis events. Your professional advice towards property care and maintenance has always proven insightful. Once again, Helen and I thank you for your efforts.

Bill & Helen Sick